Liz from Chicago, IL

My family has overcome so much! We need a computer so all of us can succeed in school

I'm a single mom of three sons! All four of us are in school and eager to succeed. I believe education will get us there.


Liz says, Dec 2, 2015

"I want to say thank you to everyone who has donated to helping me. You have no idea how much easier my life has become. Now I get to spend time with my children and finish homework. May God bless you for your generous hand." -- Liz


I am a single mom with three wonderful sons. I am currently in school receiving my degree in spiritual counseling. I live on the southside of Chicago and have overcome some huge obstacles in my life. Education is important to me and I'm the only positive role model my sons have. I want them to succeed in life and I believe education will get them there.

My goals are to help others: show them steps to get well and look inside of themselves. I plan on opening my own family center in my urban community one day soon. My goal is to use a closed school as our space.

I need a laptop for home as well as school. This would help me with papers I have to write, research and allow me to still work from home. It's important for me to be able to be home during homework time with my children.

Meeting this need will help me because I can do my work from home. I'll get to spend more time with my children and won't feel horrible about my studies either.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Caitlin from Common Pantry (What does this mean?)

I have known Liz through a nonprofit that works in the Englewood and Woodlawn neighborhoods of Chicago; they work to educate and empower mothers to be change leaders and peacebuilders. I've worked with Liz on various projects and really gotten to know her over the past 4 years. Liz is AMAZING! Not only is she in school and taking care of her 3 boys, but she is also thriving. Only a few years ago, she was homeless and living on the streets - and it is truly amazing to see how her hard work and determination has gotten her to where she is today. Liz currently commutes to school on the El 30 minutes each way. In order to do her homework, she has to go to the local community center or back to school to use their computers. It is hard for Liz to make these extra commutes, simply to complete her assignments. She is doing so much for herself, her family and her community - and having her own personal laptop would be a huge stress relief and an amazing tool for her to better her future.

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