Marie from Evanston, IL

I'm a single mom needing winter clothes to continue moving my family forward

My daughter and I need winter clothes to stay warm and healthy this winter. I will also use these seasonally appropriate clothes for job interviews.


Thank you for a warm winter! Mar 15, 2016

Marie's validator, Katie, reached out with the following update about Marie and her daughter. Katie says, "Even though this winter has not been as brutally cold as some recent years in Chicago, it is still necessary to have a good winter coat and boots. Thanks to Benevolent's donors, both Marie and her daughter were able to obtain all of the basics in winter gear, and mom bought a size larger in hopes that the baby can wear them again next year. Thank you Benevolent donors!"


I am a young, single mother of a busy, growing toddler. I am struggling to find full-time employment, which is necessary in order to be able to afford childcare in the current economic climate in Illinois. In the meantime, I am enjoying being able to spend quality time with my daughter.

My goals are to become certified as a CNA and to find full-time employment working in that field. I have been on several interviews but have not been hired for any positions, and a new professional wardrobe would help with this process.

I need to replace the winter clothes for myself and my daughter that were auctioned off by a relative who was supposed to be sharing our storage space.

Meeting this need will help me primarily because my daughter and I will be able to stay warm and healthy throughout the extremely cold Chicago winter. It will also provide me with some seasonally appropriate professional clothing to wear to job interviews, which will hopefully help me to secure a position soon!

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This need has been validated by Katie from Infant Welfare Society of Evanston

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Validated by Katie from Infant Welfare Society of Evanston (What does this mean?)

I have been working with Marie and her daughter for 2 years now. She was a single teenager who was very nervous about motherhood and watching her become a wonderfully involved and supportive mom has been a joy. Marie's goals for herself have evolved considerably since becoming a mom, and her goals for her child are limitless. For most of the past two years, she has worked two jobs totaling over 50 hours a week to support herself and her child, and she was devastated by the loss of one of her jobs over the summer. She cannot currently afford to replace any of their entire winter wardrobe which was auctioned off through no fault of her own.

About Katie

I am a Home Visitor at the Infant Welfare Society of Evanston. My job includes working with families with young children around child development and education. I also am a link to community resources for my clients. I love getting to know families on a deep level and working with them on their… Read more