Tatiana from North Chicago, IL

Single mom making life better for my daughter! I need a computer to get my diploma.

I'm working hard to get my high school diploma! A laptop and Internet will help me successfully finish my courses while not at YouthBuild.


Congratulations to Tatiana for graduating! Feb 22, 2016

We have exciting news from Tatiana and her validator, Jeanne. Earlier this month, Tatiana finished her PennFoster program and is officially a high school graduate! To all those who graciously gave to help Tatiana get a laptop and internet to finish her program, thank you. We cannot wait to hear more about the success of this young woman and single mom. Congratulations, Tatiana!


I am a hardworking, single parent of a beautiful, smart, little girl. I call her "my doll" (my daughter). I am a full-time student at YouthBuild Lake County who is taking wise steps forward to complete my education.

My goals are to complete my high school diploma within 2015 and go on to obtain my Associate's Degree in Exercise Science. I want to become a personal trainer and help others to gain a healthy lifestyle.

I need a Google Chromebook and Internet access to help me successfully finish my courses while not in class and reach my target date of completion of December 2015.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to continue working when class is not in session at home and on the weekends. This flexibility will enable me to meet my personal goal of obtaining my diploma this year. Thanks so much for your help!

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This need has been validated by Jeanne from YouthBuild Lake County

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Validated by Jeanne from YouthBuild Lake County (What does this mean?)

I have been working with Tatiana at YouthBuild to obtain her high school diploma. She is studious and hardworking. This opportunity would be great for her future.

About Jeanne

I am the Education Coordinator at YouthBuild Lake County. My work involves helping young people obtain their high school diploma online so that they can become gainfully employed and provide a sustainable future for themselves and their families. By Benevolent providing my students with a Google… Read more