Roberto from Washington, DC

To advance my career in healthcare, I need my Medical Interpreting Certificate!

I need a Medical Interpreting Certificate to continue to help Spanish-speaking patients understand their medical care and advance my career!


Roberto started class! Feb 5, 2016

An exciting update just came to us from Roberto! Check it out:

"I have started my courses for Medical Interpreting and I love that I am able to gain new skills doing what I love. I am really appreciative of your donations and I believe that this is a great next step in helping me reach my goals of becoming a Medical Interpreter and helping my community in such a critical way. I am confident that this will open many career doors for me so that I can be financially independent."


I am a medical interpreter and I have interpreted for Spanish speaking patients in hospitals for over 10 years. I spent many years working as a social service assistant for Head Start and my friends would come to me whenever they had a medical problem. I would comfort them and translate what the doctor was saying. I then started to work for interpreting companies that serve Spanish-speaking patients in hospitals.

My goal is to find employment so that I can be self-sustaining while being able to help Spanish-speaking patients understand their medical care.

I need a Medical Interpreting Certificate so I can continue to help Spanish-speaking patients understand their medical care. Recently, hospitals have gotten stricter and require a 40-hour classroom training and a certificate. The companies I usually work for have stopped calling me for jobs and I need this certificate to continue working.

Meeting this need will help me because I already have experience working as an interpreter and employers have told me that that this certificate is the only piece missing for me to get hired.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Caterina from LIFT-DC (What does this mean?)

Roberto is a long time LIFT Member and comes to his meetings every week. He is an enthusiastic worker and always comes prepared to work on his goals. He also works very hard to overcome any obstacles in his path. He learned how to use the computer (practicing diligently at home) so he could meet the skill requirements of a new job. All of our volunteers love working with him because he is very friendly and often cracks jokes. He brings in inspirational articles and stories for the LIFT staff and always worries that we work too hard. If Roberto receives funding, he will be able to go back to the job he loves and continue to help and comfort people.

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