Johnny from Brooklyn, NY

Navy Veteran trained as an electrician. I need tools to accept my current job offers!

I currently have several job offers on the table for work as an electrician. To accept and perform the work, I need an electrician tool set.


HUGE news: Johnny's employed! Feb 22, 2016

Johnny's validator, Michael, just reached out to the Benevolent Team to share an exciting update! Because of your generosity, Johnny was able to get the tools he needed to get a job as an electrician. He's been working for the last few weeks and is so very grateful to all those who helped make his employment possible. THANK YOU for being part of Johnny's story. The way you give truly is transforming.


I am a homeless Navy Veteran living in Bellevue shelter in Manhattan. I am also a journeyman electrician working with Black Veterans for Social Justice, a homeless veteran reintegration program (HVRP4). I am trying to get back on my feet and be independent. I am very grateful person who does not like to give up and works hard. I always try and keep positive about my situation no matter how tough it seems to be.

My goals are to be an independent and working man that can contribute back to those who have helped me. I want to work in my trade as an electrician, and eventually work in the social services. I currently have many offers on the table for employment as an electrician.

I need a 28-piece electrician tool set, so I can work as a journeyman electrician. It's standard in any construction job, especially as an electrician that I have my own set of tools. I know of three different people who are in constant contact with me, and are just waiting for me to acquire these tools to start working.

Meeting this need will help me because tools are the only thing that I need to get these jobs that pay at a decent rate, so I can move into an apartment and be independent once again. I have the knowledge, skills, and experience, I just don't have the tools.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Michael from Black Veterans for Social Justice

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Validated by Michael from Black Veterans for Social Justice (What does this mean?)

I met John at Bellevue shelter in Manhattan. It's my job to go to shelters and seek out homeless veterans who need employment. John has been very diligent and positive client of mine. We have built a new resume, and attended employment workshops, and Job fairs. We practice doing mock interviews, and have managed to get him some interview attire, and some extra food whenever he comes into my office. He is ready to get the job he needs, but my only struggle is the funding to pay for his tools. My organization tries our best to take care of every need our clients have, but we do not have the funding to pay for everything unfortunately. John is an appreciative individual who has a desire to be successful. He just needs this break to get him there once again.

About Michael

My name is Michael Orton I'm a job coach/outreach specialist. I work for a non profit organization Black Veterans for Social Justice. I often network with employers We are a community based organization that has food pantry ever 2nd and 4th Friday every month, providing groceries to the… Read more

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