Biaca from Chicago, IL

Single mom who survived abuse. My daughter & I need mattresses to rebuild & thrive.

My daughter & I have been sleeping on air mattresses that deflate throughout the night. We need actual mattresses to live stably & thrive in school.


Through thick and thin, it has always been my priority to make sure my four children obtain higher education by working hard to do well in school and receive scholarships. After surviving domestic violence, my youngest child and I have been blessed with section 8 housing for the past two years.

As my daughter studies in hopes of becoming a corporate lawyer, I also hope to go back to school and focus on bettering myself. I am currently working on writing a book and I hope to one day work in social services as a counselor for those who have had life experiences similar to mine.

Although I have been living in my apartment for two years, my daughter and I have been sleeping on air mattresses with holes in them. These mattresses deflate throughout the night, waking us up and requiring us to pump them back up. We are now asking for help to afford mattresses and sheet sets.

We hope with new beds that we will be able to sleep through the night. This would help my daughter’s productivity and focus at school as well as my productivity in my personal and professional endeavors. Thank you all so much for your support.

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Validated by Shayna from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

Biaca and I have worked together since I started at Inspiration Corporation. Biaca has made it obvious from the beginning that although her life has thrown her challenges, her support and drive for her children has never wavered. I look forward to appointments with Biaca because she is personable, good humored, and ready to get things done. I know that Biaca has been searching for a safe home and beds for a long time. Supporting this need will truly go a long way in helping her to continue to progress and find stability.

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