Heather from Berkeley, CA

Recently housed. A futon will enable me to improve my rest and health!

I haven't had a bed since I moved to my new unit and it is starting to take a toll on my health. A futon will help me sleep well & have guests visit.


Heather received her new bed! Jul 12, 2016

We just received an update from Heather's validator, Laura at Berkeley Food and Housing Project:

"Heather received her new bed today! She was so excited and she plans to purchase sheets and pillows with the remaining funds."


I am a thoughtful woman who enjoys working on art projects and engaging in community activities. I enjoy spending time in my home reading and working on crafts.

I want to engage more at my local senior center and meet new people. I also want to take care of my health as I age.

I need a futon to put in my living room and sleep on. This will give me a place to sit when people visit and a place to rest my head at night. I haven't had a bed since I moved to my new unit and it is starting to take a toll on my health.

If I get a good nights rest on something other than the floor, I will be able to focus on taking care of my health and engaging in meaningful activities during the day.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Laura from Berkeley Food and Housing Project

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Validated by Laura from Berkeley Food and Housing Project (What does this mean?)

Heather's Shelter Plus Care Case Manager has been working with her since October 2015. She went to visit her apartment for the first time and was shocked to see that she was sleeping on a pile of clothing. Heather used to have a nice furniture set but when she moved, she didn't have any support in helping her move her belongings. So, Heather was unable to bring the bed and furniture with her. Due to her limited income, she is unable to get herself a nice futon for her living room and any amount of money would help a great deal. She is currently sleeping on a pile of clothes and as she ages it is becoming increasingly harmful to her health. Heather is a quiet and kind woman who has never asked for much. She has been without a bed for some time now. This need would help her so much and let her focus on other things in her life.

About Laura

As the Employment Service Specialist I offer employment services to the homeless populations served by Berkeley Food & Housing. My goal is to provide participants with the tools and support they need to obtain career oriented, living wage employment. What I like about my work is seeing… Read more