Angel from Tucson, AZ

Dad going to college. A laptop will give me the flexibility I need to graduate.

Studying to become a behavioral health tech. A laptop will allow me to complete my studies while caring for my 2 kids at home.


I am a single father of two school aged children. I just received my certification for Peer Support Specialist and currently have job interviews lined up for the position. I am going back to college this fall semester 2016 to further my education in the behavioral heath field and get my certification as a behavioral health technician.

My goals are to finish my education and become employed in the behavioral health field and be a successful person, a good father and a role model to my children.

I need a laptop so I can do the required school work and homework from my home. It is very hard to go to school and then go to the library after a long day. Once I get the job, my time will be fixed and I will not be able to go to the library. I also need to be at home with my children when they get out of school so I can tend to their needs and security.

Meeting this need will help me because I can be home and do my daily tasks while there. It will make it more convenient to have a computer at home because I can multitask many things being a father entitles while staying caught up with my homework. It will also allow me to refresh myself with a computer for my profession.

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This need has been validated by Byron from Pima County One Stop Career Center

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Validated by Byron from Pima County One Stop Career Center (What does this mean?)

I met Angel while he was going through our program at Arizona @ Work for assistance with his Behavioral Health Technician training. He will be receiving financial assistance which will cover the remaining balance for him. He is ready to start his career in the field and is applying at different agencies for Recovery Support Specialist positions to gain experience and to support his family. I want Angel to reach his goal, and obtaining a laptop computer will help him get there. He provides for his two children on his own so once he is working and going to school, this schedule will not allow him to finish all of his work at the library.

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I am a Workforce Development Specialist employed by the Tucson Urban League to work at the Pima County One-Stop Career Center. I am part of an inter-agency team providing career development services for adult job seekers. I assist participants to develop an individual employment plan based on an… Read more