Doug from Chicago, IL

Computer to keep my kids on the right track

I want to help my kids stay on the right path and a computer will help me be the best father I can be and give my kids the resources they need.


Photo of Doug with his computer Mar 7, 2012

Kristie's update on Doug getting his computer: Jan 24, 2012

Doug just picked up his computer! It was a great way to celebrate his birthday. Best news is that he actually just was offered a paid internship with one of our partners so he has been working 9-5:00.

Doug's response on hearing his need has been met: Jan 17, 2012

At this time, I would like to take a moment to thank you for all who have helped get this computer for my kids. It is truly a blessing and will be a great asset in furthering their education. Words cannot possibly explain how grateful I am so I will end this by saying thank you and God Bless. Yours truly, Doug

Kristie's response on hearing Doug's need has been met: Jan 17, 2012

It is amazing to know that so many people would come together to aid in one person’s cause. We are so grateful for your support of Doug and his family. I wish you all could have seen the light on his face when he found out getting a computer was actually possible. It was a look of surprise, amazement and humble appreciation. Thank you for making his holiday season so special. Most importantly, thank you for believing in him and his children’s success.


I turned my life around.  I'm working and I will not give up.  I want to get a computer for my kids because it will help them education-wise.  I want them to take advantage of all things educationally and not shift from house to house or library to library to do their homework. I want them to do it in the comfort of their own home. My son is a straight A student and my daughter is coming of age and continuing to build on her education and a home computer will brighten their horizons.

My son is into football and dance and he likes to read a lot. He is energetic and from time to time he has homework that he is unable to finish because, being a freshman and a honor roll student in high school, he has to have access to a computer and I would really like for him to have this.

My daughter is also athletic. She plays basketball and is into dance and takes classes. She is also taking Spanish classes and I want her to be able to study the cultures of the language she is learning. I believe it will be valuable for her. To go online and study the history of the language she is studying will be huge.

I am unable to buy a computer because of current bills and trying to take care of my kids. I just don't have enough funds to do so.

I really, really don’t want my kids to be deprived of any education. I want them to have total access to everything that is out there and that’s possible. I love my kids and by me not making enough money I am not able to give them as much as I want to. I try, try, try but it is always bill meets check.

I have made mistakes in my past, but I have never let my current situation dictate where my future leads to. When I got out of prison two years ago, I had a decision to make. It was the tragedy of my mother’s passing that really made me think about the things I needed to be doing and the changes I needed to make. I found my way home by mentally staying focused on the things I needed to do. I came home and joined the Cara program. Since then I have worked consistently to be the best I can be in any situation. At work I maintain high evaluation scores, have never missed a day, and am always on time.

Now I live with my two sisters, my brother, and my three nieces. My children are fourteen, eleven, and four, and I am very proud of them. They continually surprise me with their drive and ambition. My goal is to make sure they achieve all they can educationally. My personal goal is to obtain my GED, and after that to further my education. I like to work with my hands, so I would like to learn a trade, and to get a CDL license.

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Validated by Kristie from The Cara Program (What does this mean?)

Doug has been a part of the Cara program for a year. Throughout that process, he has been working at the CTA, where he does a fantastic job. He brings his wonderful evaluations in to show us. They're looking to promote him from his 9-month internship into a permanent position.

Doug is an incredibly hard worker. He shows up and shows out. He's one of those individuals who, if you call him and ask him to do something, he'll always make it happen - even if it's just the day before.

Doug's family is incredibly important to him. He lives with his sisters and their children. It has created an incredible home environment for him. 

Doug has a vision of education and being able to show his children and his family the mistakes he's made as well as how to ensure that they learn from his experience and that they are able to move forward in their lives.

Doug believes that education is key to his children's success.  He wants to have resources available for his children so that they can do homework and research and other online learning. It will help them finish high school, go to college, and have successful careers.

Doug is one of those people who is always helping others.  This will be an incredible opportunity for someone else to help him.

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