Aurea from Los Angeles, California

After the unexpected loss of my husband, I need assistance covering one month's rent.

My goal is to pay my rent so I can keep the home that I built with my husband and be able to focus on getting back on my feet.


I am a working 53-years-old and recently suffered from the unexpected loss of my husband of 28 years. I used my savings, my salary, and even had to borrow money to cover the funeral cost.

My goal is to pay my rent so I can keep the home that I built with my husband and be able to focus on getting back on my feet. I fear that losing my home can eventually lead to losing my job. I depend on my job to gain income for our family's needs and responsibilities.

I need to pay our rent. Due to the unexpected loss of my husband, we spent all our efforts in making sure all the funeral services were met. We weren't able to cover both the rent and funeral services, so we prioritized my husbands funeral cost. My only income is my job, but while going through the process of grieving I had to take time off work which decreased my income.

Meeting this need will help me keep my home. With a stable home I wont have to stress as much and I am able to properly grieve. This is the home I once share with my husband. It would be extremely difficult to start from the bottom and have to find a new home in Los Angeles where housing is expensive. I am also looking to move forward by continuing to work and support my family.

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Validated by Christina from LIFT-Los Angeles (What does this mean?)

I have know both Aurea and her husband for the past 3 years. They both have worked extremely hard in accomplishing their goals and supporting one another. Their biggest accomplishment was finding stable and affordable housing. Her husband's commitment to achieve his goals at LIFT was evident from day one. They signed up for every class, meeting or workshop available to them. Aurea was able to secure full-time employment and continued to cheer her husband on with his goals at LIFT. He always showed up to meetings early and enjoyed joking around with staff and members. He will be truly missed by LIFT. We want to ensure we continue supporting this wonderful family to continue on a path their stability. A big support they need right now is covering their rent cost to ensure they don't fall back to the hardship that brought them to LIFT in the first place.

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