Marisol from San Francisco, CA

I am recovering from surgery. One month's rent will keep me housed before I go back to work!

With your help, I will be able to heal in a safe environment and keep the home where I have lived for many years.


Hi, My name is Marisol Garcia. I arrived in this country a few years ago. Now I am a volunteer at City Health Clinic, helping social workers who help the community in San Francisco. I'm hoping to keep volunteering there because I want to learn more, and because I really love my job there.

This fall, I have to have a surgery for my own health. I want to make sure that I recover well, and that I don't lose my housing during my recovery.

I need help paying my rent. While I am healing after surgery, I won't be able to work for a month, and I won't have enough to pay rent. If I lose my apartment, it will be nearly impossible to find another place in San Francisco at this price.

Meeting this need will help me because if I have enough money to pay rent, I will be able to heal in a clean and safe environment, and I will be able to conserve the home where I have lived for many years.

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This need has been validated by Beck from El/La Para TransLatinas

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Validated by Beck from El/La Para TransLatinas (What does this mean?)

Marisol has been a member of El La Para Translatinas for nearly a year now and volunteers by cooking meals every week. She's an integral part of our community and we want to support her in accessing healthcare!

About Beck

El/La is an organization for transgender Latinas (TransLatinas) that works to build collective vision and action to promote our survival and improve our quality of life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Because we exist in a world that fears and hates transgender people, women and immigrants, we fight… Read more