Michelle from Tucson, Arizona

I'm studying to become an RN. With a laptop, I can earn my certification.

Between working full time and care for my beautiful daughter, I'm unable to make it to the library every day to complete my studies.


Hello, I am a single mother of a 9-year-old daughter. I am a newly naturalized American citizen. I am currently enrolled in Pima Community College in their LPN program.

My goals are to complete my LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) certification and then go on to study for the RN (registered nurse) degree. My ambition is to be successful in providing better health care and emotional care for all my patients, while providing stability at home for my daughter.

I need a laptop computer in order to complete and submit assignments, review powerpoints for class, maintain contact with my lecturers and also to research information needed for school. I go to school for 40 hours each week and although I am currently unemployed I have two (2) employment offers extended to me for when I receive my certification. Which will allow me to financially take care of my daughter and alleviate some of the emotional stress that comes from living hand to mouth daily.

Meeting this need will help me to better focus on my education. My daughter is in the Girl Scouts as well as the Leadership Club at school. I have to transport her to meetings right after my classes end at Pima each day. With a laptop, I will be able to study and complete assignments at home, and turning them in on time because the closest library is far away and closes before I can get there. I am excited and extremely motivated to start in my nursing career. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story. Sincerely, Michelle

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Validated by Byron from Pima County One Stop Career Center (What does this mean?)

Michelle is currently working with Arizona @ Work and HPOG HOPES in order to attend Pima Community College for her LPN program. She is a single mother and an extremely motivated individual who will definitely achieve her dream of becoming a nurse. By receiving this assistance, she will be able to have just a little breathe room in her daily routine. She is a full time student and a full time mom so her time is extremely valuable. She barely makes it to the library before they close but never has enough time to finish. This laptop will really help her out.

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