Thomas from Chicago, IL

I am a recent refugee to the US. I need a phone with accesibility for the blind.

I need an iPhone because it excels in voice recognition and will be an invaluable tool in my new home country.


I am a 37-year-old blind Eritrean male. I arrived to the United States as a refugee in December 2017.

My goals are to gain employment, learn to better navigate the city of Chicago, and eventually purchase a house. I would like to continue furthering my career as a journalist.

I need an iPhone because it is more accessible for blind individuals to use. IPhones excel in voice recognition and other technology which will assist me in communication and maneuvering the city.

Meeting this need will help me because my current phone is not very responsive and is not accessible for me. Having an iPhone will enable me to adapt better into this new environment as their technology is more efficient.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Kirsten from Heartland Alliance

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Validated by Kirsten from Heartland Alliance (What does this mean?)

I have known Thomas since he arrived as a refugee in December 2017. I have been working closely with him to connect him with services that will assist him in his resettlement in the United States. In our office at Heartland Alliance, we have employment and case management services, in which Thomas has been engaging. Some specifics include going on job interviews, medical appointments, and public aid appointments. These appointments are somewhat frequent and are located all over the city. I am trying to help Thomas get an iPhone because their technology has more accessibility for individuals who are totally blind. An iPhone will help Thomas to be able to easily move around the city on his own and make it to all of his appointments.

About Kirsten

I am an intern with the Heartland Human Care Services (HHCS) Refugee and Immigrant Community Services (RICS) office. I work specifically with participants who have additional mental/medical health needs. I offer emotional support and serve as an advocate for participants as they work with other… Read more