Roc from Chicago, IL

Need a car to support my family and be a positive role model for my son!

My need is a car. I was recently diagnosed with COPD and I work now but worry about how much longer I will be able to continue with my health issues.


I’m a hard worker, I’ve always made a way for myself, and I have never liked asking for help. When I was twelve my mother passed away and I went on the street. I learned that I couldn’t trust anyone but I also learned how to stay on my toes and how to be resourceful. I still remember the nights when I slept in my car and went to a friend’s house to wash up and get ready for work. I felt alone those nights but now that I have made it through, I never want my son to feel the way that I did.

My goals, plans, and ambitions can all be summed up in two words: my son! I know first-hand that at fifteen years old, there is a lot of peer pressure in a young man’s life and I want to be a significant positive influence to help him through those struggles. My ambition is to be able to be there for him for moral and financial support, and the goal is to see him grow into a well-rounded man who is able to stand on his own. For years, I didn’t see him at all but now that he’s with me I want to be able to give everything for him.

My need is a car. I was recently diagnosed with COPD and I work now but I worry about how much longer I will be able to continue at my job with COPD slowing me down more each day. I currently have a car that is severely in need of repair.

With a newer car I would be able to drive for Uber. The car I have now is too small and too old for Uber’s qualifications, but for now it gets me and my son around. With a car that I can use for Uber, I can sit and drive to make money so I can be there for my son and I will be able to go on Social Security. Right now, it is not an option for me to apply for Social Security benefits because I will have to stop working all together and it could take 1 or 2 years for me to see those benefits. I have struggled all my life to ask for help, but at this moment I understand that I can use whatever help you can provide in order to provide the life for my son that I believe he deserves. Whatever you can help with is greatly appreciated.

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Validated by Chantal from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

I have gotten to know Roc as his Housing Retention Specialist here at Inspiration Corporation. My job is to help my Participants to find and/or maintain permanent housing. Through our work on reaching goals, Roc has shown himself to be a very focused and driven individual who's main aspiration is to be able to continue working and providing for his son and for himself. I have witnessed for myself the significant difficulties that he faces due to his health concerns and I know that these concerns make it very difficult for him to work. Roc has always been sure to make it clear to me that his focus is making sure that his son is taken care of, and that he can work despite his physical limitations. It would be wonderful to see such a genuine and hardworking individual receive help to meet his goals.

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As a Housing Retention Specialist at Inspiration Corporation, my main goal is to work closely with currently or formerly homeless Participants in our Permanent Housing Programs to obtain and maintain their housing. I am fairly new to this work, I started at Inspiration Corporation in July! But I… Read more