Joe from Chicago, IL

One plane ticket will let me see family for the first time in 20 years!

Living with a disability is difficult, especially when it comes to transportation. I would love more than anything to reunite with my family.


I am a 54 year old person with disabilities who has not been able to work since 2006. I have not seen my family who live in South Carolina in over 20 years. Recently, my brother and my nephews passed away and I was not able to visit them before their passing and was unable to attend their memorials. These losses and my inability to see or be with my family after their passing do to lack if financial resources have deeply impacted my life.

My goals are to simply reconnect with my family during the holidays. Because I was not able to be their for my brother's funeral in particular, my relationship with some of my family members have become somewhat strained and it would be extremely beneficial for those relationships to be able to make the effort to mend some of those family ties by going down south for Thanksgiving.

I need financial assistance to purchase a round trip ticket from Chicago to Greensville, SC. In addition, I will need to book lodging for my trip and have some money to pay for food during my stay.

Meeting this need will help me because I want to reconnect with my family and being able to spend the holidays with them in person will certainly help us to start mending some of the relationships that have been strained after so many years of limited contact.

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Validated by Chantal from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

Joe was one of the first participants I got to work with when I started at Inspiration Corporation. When we met, Joe was looking to hire a lawyer so that he could fight SSI's decision to deny him benefits. Some of the the first things that I noticed about Joe was his kindness, genuineness, and his willingness to fight for what he believes he needs. Since our first meeting, I have seen these qualities stay consistent throughout his journey not only to ascertain vital benefits to maintain his livelihood but also in his efforts to build up the relationships he feels have been compromised due to loss and circumstance in his family. He has worked hard to stay in contact with his family despite his financial struggles and the difficulties that come with his disabilities. It would be amazing to see Joe get to see the fruits of his drive and labor by receiving aid to travel to see his family that he has not had the means to visit in over 20 years.

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As a Housing Retention Specialist at Inspiration Corporation, my main goal is to work closely with currently or formerly homeless Participants in our Permanent Housing Programs to obtain and maintain their housing. I am fairly new to this work, I started at Inspiration Corporation in July! But I… Read more