Cathy from Detroit, Mi

Studying to be a nurse to care for people and support my family. Need to fix my car to get to school.

If I can get help to fix my car, I'll be able to make it to and from nursing school and to care for my kids.


I am a hard-working mother and I love my kids. When the brakes on my truck broke down, I was heartbroken, because it has made it so hard to balance parenting and my education. Detroit does not have reliable public transit, and my kids' psychiatrist, the grocery store, and other places are quite a ways from my house.

My goal is to complete my LPN program. My goal is to finish day classes while my children are at school, and then find work at a local hospital.

Without being able to drive my truck, I do not have a way to bring my children to psychiatry appointments to take care of their mental health, going to the grocery store to get healthy affordable food, and most of all getting to class so I can create a better future with a better-paying job.

Meeting this need will help me because I'll be able to give my kids the care they need, buy healthy foods at the store. Getting reliable transportation again will let me finish my training as an LPN

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Need funded!

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Validated by Paula from Black Family Development (What does this mean?)

Participate in my parenting group. She is amazing mother that’s dedicated to improve her family.

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