Danielle from New York, NY

I'm a survivor of domestic violence. Need some basic household items for my kids.

Most of my possessions were destroyed by my abuser. Now that we have moved, basic household items will let me provide my kids with a comfortable home.


I am 22 years old and I am currently involved in a pending court case. I also recently experienced some domestic violence. I have a son who is currently residing with my cousin and I’m expecting a new baby girl. Most of my things in my apartment were destroyed by my abuser and I’m waiting to be transferred into my new apartment.

My goals and ambitions are to regain custody of my son and to complete my GED and go to college. I also want to welcome my new baby into a safe and positive living environment.

I need new furniture for myself as well as my kids and new born baby, and household supplies.

Meeting these needs will help me move forward by providing my children with their necessities as well as my own, and a safe comfortable home for them to live in.

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This need has been validated by Laura from The Women's Project

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Validated by Laura from The Women's Project (What does this mean?)

I have known Danielle for six months, but she has been a participant in the Women's Project for just under a year. The Women's Project is an alternative to pre-trial detention program for women. Danielle is a valued member of our community. In the time that I have known her, she has worked incredibly hard to make positive changes in her life. She is attending programs to address her needs and has been making great strides. Meeting this need will assist her in providing a safe and stable home for her son and her newborn baby, and help her take another positive step in the right direction.

About Laura

I am a Social Worker at the Women's Project at FedCap Rehabilitation Services, which is an alternative to pre-trial detention program and community of women.