Tina from Chicago, IL

My daughter has special needs and I want to send her to camp this summer

I want my daughter to go to camp with kids who have needs like her. She'll participate in activities with kids her age and cherish the experience.


Update from the Benevolent Team: Jun 7, 2013

We've just learned that Tina's daughter is now all signed up to attend a summer camp for individuals with special needs, hosted by Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. She'll be there for two weeks in July.


I would like my daughter to attend Camp Hope because I love the fact that she would be able to interact with different children from all over. She usually spends her summer here with me and I believe she deserves to spend time with children her own age.

The opportunity to participate in fun new activities is something that she does not get to experience as often. We've never been apart. I always have tried to find some type of camp or activity for her to be in.

Unfortunately, due to my fixed income I am unable to afford to put my daughter in more activities as much as I would like to. If she could be sponsored to participate at Camp Hope over the summer I know it would be an amazing experience for her and she will cherish it for a lifetime. Camp Hope will benefit my daughter, and it will be a great experience for her to get to know people and interact with other kids her age, and I think that it would be a learning experience for her, and that she would cherish it, love it, I think she would enjoy it.

My name is Tina. My 17-year-old daughter has special needs and I would like to send her to Camp Hope this summer.

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Validated by Jael from Holsten Human Capital Development, NFP (What does this mean?)

I have been interning with Holsten Human Capital for 7 months, during these 7 months I have had the opportunity to work with Tina. Tina is a dedicated mother and has tried to find activities that are suitable for her daughter. This has not been an easy task due to the limited activities in the area and meeting her daugther's special needs.

I support the effort of Tina in sending her daughter to Camp Hope. This experience will help her daughter gain independence, build confidence, and make new friends in an environment that is therapeutic and catering to her needs. Camp Hope will allow her to enhance her social skills, allow to her to grow personally, and develop into a young adult. While at camp she can participate in new and exciting activities and develop life-long skills.

Ultimately, attending camp will allow Tina's child to make new friends, explore new interest, and be in a different surrounding that is warm and inviting to allow her to be a kid and to fun.

About Jael

I have been interning with Holsten Human Capital for 7 months.

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