Naomi from Eldoret, Kenya

I'm healthy and ready to start a business to support my child. Just need supplies!

I've learned tailoring and business skills and I'm ready to open a business. I just need funds to lease space and buy a sewing machine and fabric.



I am a 23 year old single mother. When I gave birth, I developed a condition called obstetric fistula that disabled me. I recently got surgery to repair it.

My goals are to open a dress making shop. I have completed a tailoring program with an organization called Beyond Fistula, and I also learned business skills from them. With my shop, I can support myself and my child.

I need $250 to lease a space and buy bolts of fabric and a sewing machine.

Meeting this need will help me because I have the training and the motivation to run a business and support myself and my child. All that stands between me and a good future for us is the money to start.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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Validated by Debra from Beyond Fistula (What does this mean?)

Naomi is a very tenacious young woman. Watching her go through our program, from before her surgery to after she graduated from the tailoring program, I can attest that Naomi is a hardworking mother and artisan. She wants to use her new tailoring skills to open a dress making shop, and through this next step she will have the support of Beyond Fistula in the form of follow-ups to see what other support we can provide to help her succeed.

About Debra

I am the co-founder and Executive Director of Beyond Fistula. I founded the nonprofit in 2012 after seeing how much these young Kenyan women needed help rebuilding their lives after recovering from a childbirth injury known as obstetric fistula. I am endlessly motivated by their hope and tenacity… Read more