Agnes from Eldoret, Kenya

I want to build a stable life through a fish selling business; I need startup funds.

I have recovered from a fistula but my home situation is unstable. I've learned business skills, and now I only need $500 to buy startup supplies.



I am a 41 year old fistula survivor. I have had the condition for 25 years, and my husband left me because of it. Now I live with my widowed elderly mother but sometimes my brothers chase me off and I come back when they are less angry.

My goals are to be independent of my mother and brothers. It is not a good living situation and now that my fistula is healed I have the dignity to support myself and live alone.

I need $500 to buy supplies for my fish selling business. I learned business skills from an organization called Beyond Fistula. I already have fish farming skills from before in my life.

Meeting this need will help me because once I start earning income by fish farming I can move into my own home and not depend on my mother and brothers. I have the motivation and skills, I just need the money for supplies to start.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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Validated by Debra from Beyond Fistula (What does this mean?)

Agnes is one of the most resilient women I've ever met. She suffered with a fistula for 25 years and it prevented her from becoming independent like she wants to so badly. Seeing her now that her fistula is healed and she has learned business skills through our program, she is so hopeful for her future. And so am I - I have no doubt that Agnes will succeed in her fish-selling business with our continued support.

About Debra

I am the co-founder and Executive Director of Beyond Fistula. I founded the nonprofit in 2012 after seeing how much these young Kenyan women needed help rebuilding their lives after recovering from a childbirth injury known as obstetric fistula. I am endlessly motivated by their hope and tenacity… Read more