Denise from Chicago, IL

I want to rent a truck to move my children closer to family in Texas.

I am facing eviction, but if I can move by mid-July it will be kept off my record. I run a daycare, which I will be able to start up again in Texas.

My need and situation

I am a 35-year-old single parent of 3 children. I am facing eviction, and looking relocate to Texas, so I can be closer to family.

My goals are to move to Texas, so I can secure housing. I have a daycare, here in Chicago, and I hope to start that back up in Texas once my housing situation is sorted out.

I need money to secure the cost of moving. I need to rent a truck, and pay for gas along the way.

Meeting this need will help me because the property management at my current residence has agreed that if I can vacate my apartment by mid-July they will keep the eviction off of my record, which will make securing housing easier once I get to Texas.

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Validated by Peter from Center for Changing Lives (What does this mean?)

Denise has been working with the Center for Changing Lives for just over a year. At that time she was looking for a job at the time. Since then she has started her own Daycare business. If she were able to relocate this would alleviate a lot of the stress she has been feeling, and I know she would be able to start her business over again in Texas!

About Peter

I am an Employment Coach at the Center for Changing Lives. My job involves partnering with our clients to set and achieve goals. I work specifically with our client in our Information Technology training program. This is a 32 week long course, in which our students walk away with an industry… Read more