Chyenne from Chicago, IL

I came to Chicago to get treatment, but I need assistance with my apartment back home

I'm a disabled trans female in recovery. I've come a long way with treatment, but I need help with rent and utilities for my place back in Champaign.


I am a 51 year-old disabled, trans female in recovery, and have been receiving substance use treatment support from Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center, and the 90 day residential Haymarket Center. I am motivated, kind-hearted, and helpful. I love being around my family and grandbaby, and I want to give back the help that people have given to me.

My goals are to find permanent housing in Chicago. I am in transitional housing right now as I adjust to sustained sobriety, and eventually would like to live independently in permanent housing.

I need to find financial assistance for rent, electric, and water for the last month for my unit in Champaign, IL. I came to Chicago from Champaign to get the recovery support I need, due to lack of recovery programs, as well as options for trans women. The friend who had planned on taking over my lease when I moved, fell on hard times herself, and backed out at the last-minute.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to focus on my recovery in Chicago, close a challenging chapter in my life without having an eviction on my record, and continue the positive progress I am making here.

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Validated by Peyton from Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center (What does this mean?)

I have known Chyenne since May 2019 when she began her treatment here at Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center; an outpatient substance use recovery center. When Chyenne first came to our program, the relief of being somewhere she felt safe, welcomed, and at home was practically tangible. That same relief arose when she heard about Benevolent as an option for the financial support she requires to bridge her current housing and recovery situation. Chyenne is welcoming and encouraging to the other clients, and possesses a magnetism that makes her accessible and approachable to other clients who are new to recovery. She is resilient, self-aware, and tenacious, while also managing to have compassion for herself and others when things don't go as planned.

About Peyton

My job title is Volunteer Coordinator and Senior Counselor. My work involves recruiting, processing, and matching the skills, experience, and expectation of volunteers to positions at Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center. My goal is to encourage people to believe in their skills and give back to… Read more