Heaven from Bronx, New York

Single mother; I need to furnish my room as I move out of a shelter!

I'm about to start a program in culinary arts and move out of the shelter I've been living in. I need help furnishing as I prepare to live on my own!

My need and situation

I am a single mother and a student. I'm about to start a professional education program in culinary arts and I am in the process of moving into my own room from the shelter.

My goals are to get my bachelor's degree and work in a restaurant. Eventually I would like to start my own restaurant business.

I need furniture for my new room, including a bed and mattress, dresser, desk, bedside table, and hot plate, as well as sheets, blankets, a fan, and some kitchen items.

Meeting this need will help me to start the journey toward my goals. Having my own space will help me focus and feel motivated as I work and start my education.

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This need has been validated by Laura from The Women's Project



Validated by Laura from The Women's Project (What does this mean?)

The Women's Project is an alternative to pre-trial detention program for women. I have known Heaven for over a year. She is an incredibly determined, resilient and hardworking person who is committed to moving forward despite what she has been through. She recently started working part-time at a restaurant and is really excited to further her career. Her new housing---which is not easy to secure in NYC---is the result of her determination and persistence and I am so excited for her to finally have a space and sanctuary to call her own.

About Laura

I am a Social Worker at the Women's Project at FedCap Rehabilitation Services, which is an alternative to pre-trial detention program and community of women.