Asia from Brooklyn, NY

Completing my GED & caring for my baby; need supplies & clothes for the winter!

I love my daughter and want to provide for her. I'm finishing my GED soon but I need help preparing for the winter with clothes and supplies!

My need and situation

I am a 21 year old mother of one beautiful daughter. I have another baby on the way who is set to be born in the fall. I have been trying to get a job but balancing my daughter, my pregnancy, and my education; I've been having a hard time.

My goals are to provide a happy household for my children. After completing my GED program (which I am almost done), I would like to do something in early childhood or Cosmetology.

I need some newborn baby essentials. Baby essentials include: bottles, diapers, formula, and warm clothes for the approaching winter.

Meeting this need will help me because it will take a lot of stress off of my shoulders knowing that my newborn will have the essentials and I will be able to focus on finishing up my GED to then continue my education.

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This need has been validated by PO Buongiovanni from NYC Department of Probation

PO Buongiovanni


Validated by PO Buongiovanni from NYC Department of Probation (What does this mean?)

I have known Asia for 6 months now. Asia has been committed in providing for her daughter and doing what is needed to have a strong and productive future. When I first met Asia, she was taking a break from her education. One thing lead to the next and her education fell through a loophole. With some motivation, Asia has been going back to school. I have seen a full transformation within her. Asia is motivated and could really benefit from kindness bestowed onto her.

About PO Buongiovanni

I am currently a NYC Probation Officer and I believe in empowering those who are on my caseload. Everyone deserves a chance to do good. I believe Benevolent will inspire and give certain Clients something to achieve and work hard for.