Bill from Chicago, IL

I'm under a Dr's care. I need a chair for the shower and a microwave to heat up hot packs.

My goal is to have good nutrition and health. A chair for the shower will keep me from slipping. A microwave will let me cook and heat up hot packs.


Update from the Benevolent team: Sep 9, 2013

We've just gotten word from Eleanor that Bill's received his microwave and the chair he needed for the shower.

Thanks from Bill Jul 18, 2013

I appreciate the donors very much. It's taken a lot of stress in my life to cook food in the microwave. The chair is on its way and I'm looking forward to using it in the shower. Thanks! 


I need household items to furnish my apartment. This includes a chair for the shower and a microwave.

My current situation is that I am a 59 year old male and I have an injury on my left leg that required surgery. I am still under the doctor's care. My disability case is currently pending. I just moved into subsidized housing. To make things easier to cook, I would like a microwave for my new apartment. I also need a chair for the shower because I have balance issues and it is difficult to stand in the shower.

My goal is to have good nutrition and health. I can't afford to eat out or order in all the time. The microwave will help me cook food, as well as heat up hot packs that I need to use on my knees, which the doctor ordered me to use. The chair will ensure that I don't slip in the shower.

Right now, my biggest challenge is that I have almost slipped in the shower and it was very scary. Also, my kitchen is pretty small and it's not very easy for me to cook without a microwave. Meeting this need will help me because it will make it very much easier on me to shower and to cook food.

I would be very grateful for these items because it will make my daily life less stressful.

I'm most proud of having my own place to live and getting out of the shelter. I feel like I've accomplished a lot by getting into an apartment. Things are looking up!

I think of myself mostly as a nice, intelligent man. I would like to go back to work eventually to work part time and be a productive citizen. Right now I am unable to do that because of my injury. I've worked at jobs including construction and building maintenance, all of my life.

Something interesting about me is I am a very good friend. I'm there when you need me.

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Validated by Eleanor from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

I have known Bill for about one month, since he moved into subsidized housing. I think meeting this need is important because Bill worked very hard to get into subsidized housing, and needs a few more items to help him obtain his goals.

This will move Bill's life forward by helping him maintain a healthy lifestyle. The shower chair would prevent him from slipping in the shower. Having a microwave would provide an easy way for him to cook meals and use the heating pads he needs to use for his injury.

Bill is a very warm, enthusiastic, and all around put-together person. He would like very much to go back to work in the near future.

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