Kenneth from Charlotte, NC

I'm a homeless Air Force veteran seeking help with security deposit

I just celebrated 1 year on my job and can get an apartment so I can stop living in my car. I have money saved, but need help.


Getting assistance toward a security deposit for an apartment will enable me to stop living in my car and renting hotel rooms. I have saved enough to cover 1/2 the security deposit ($500) and the 1st month's rent ($450), and I'm in need of the other half of the security deposit ($500). Meeting this need will help me get back on track and get my confidence back up. My spiritual life will be back up. I'll be able to focus more and get back into school. That is my main objective after getting an apartment, to finish my degree and then focus on a business. I have a goal of completing my Associates by the end of next year, and then going on to my finish my Bachelors after that. Having a place to live will allow me little things like having my own kitchen, to be able to practice my culinary skill, in addition to not having the stress of wondering where I will sleep.

I'm currently homeless, living in hotels and my vehicle. Previous to this, I lost my job, had to drop out of school and lost my home. Currently I'm employed and just celebrated my 1 year anniversary on my job. During the past year, I've not been able to save because of paying on other bills. I finally paid off my truck and now I have been able to save toward getting a home. I think of myself mostly as a a leader, probably due to my military background. I served in the Air Force for 6 years and I like teaching, training and learning. Everything I've learned after the military is self-taught, like how to build computers, software, how to run AV equipment, etc. I've done this through a lot of reading and practice.

Right now, my biggest challenge is that I have no stability. From day to day I wonder where I'm going to park my truck to stay overnight. I have no address and without an address, you can barely do anything. Being homeless put me in the hospital because of the way I have to eat. The bad eating affected my blood pressure and I had to spend a week in the ICU. Being homeless doesn't just affect my psyche, it affected my health.

Until I experienced homelessness I never thought it was such a big deal. I would look at people and think "there's plenty of jobs out there, go get one." Now that I lived it, it is a big deal. I've worked at jobs including a policeman, drill instructor in the Air Force, warehouse, manufacturing, textiles, and currently security for the Charlotte Housing Authority. I never thought I would end up homeless. 

I'm most proud of the accomplishments I've been able to make without any formal education and the way I am able to easily adapt to technology without the formal training and given my age.

I am not just out for a handout. I am working toward my goals. I consider myself a hard worker with good patience. I am very professional in my job and I have ambitious goals and dreams. My dream is to become a chef and then open my own restaurant.

I'm homeless, and have been working 1 year as of today. I've saved some money but need help in getting the balance to complete my security deposit.

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Validated by Phyllis from Aminah Ministries (What does this mean?)

I have known Kenneth since 1993. We met when we were working together at Carolina's Health Care in the emergency department. He was working security and I was a certified nursing assistant. I think meeting this need is important because he can resume his education. He's also an intricate part of our ministry and he can fulfill his desire to really dive further into ministry. This will give him stability and the ability to move forward in his goals. This will move Kenneth's life forward by reducing the amount of stress involved in a person being homeless. He will be able to have peace of mind, enjoy a healthier lifestyle and give him a stronger spiritual foundation, and a safe environment for his grand kids. Kenneth is very ambitious. He is persistent. Watching him endure this process has helped me not give up. It has kept me focused and from throwing in the towel when I wanted to.

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