Derrick from Queens, New York

I want a second job as a deliveryman to save up; I need help to buy an electric bike.

I'm working as a cook and hope one day to open my own restaurant to support my kids. With an electric bike, I can work as a deliveryman and save up!


Hello, my name is Derrick and I'm 27 years old. I am currently living a men's shelter. I have two daughters who are currently living with their mother. I try to see them as often as possible. I was recently released from jail and I want to get my life back on track. I am currently employed as a cook at Mexican restaurant.

My goals are to remain gainfully employed, move out of the shelter and provide a better life for my daughters. My other goal is to open up a restaurant. I have been cooking since I can remember. My grandmother is a great inspiration to me because she is one who taught me how to cook. I can remember backing cakes with my grandmother for the holidays.

In an effort to save money for my restaurant, I would like to get a second job delivering food. If I am able to obtain an electric bike, I will be able to make more deliveries.

Meeting this need will allow me to make extra money which will help in achieving my goals. I know that I will be successful in my restaurant and I will be able to give back to the community. I am very passionate about cooking.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by PO Phillip from NYC Department of Probation

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PO Phillip


Validated by PO Phillip from NYC Department of Probation (What does this mean?)

I have been working with Derrick for about 3 months. Derrick is very driven in bettering his life and the lives of his daughters. Derrick seems to be very ambitious person and wants to succeed. Derrick wants to open up his own restaurant and by getting this second job will allow him to save more money towards opening up his restaurant.

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Probation officer, I've been a probation officer for 1 year and I enjoy helping people