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Women come home from Riker's every day. They need hygiene items, emergency food, toiletries, diapers, even toys for their children during this crisis.


Every day women are being released from Rikers Island in New York City. The Women’s Project is an alternative to pre-trial detention for women incarcerated at Rikers Island that uses essential services, community networks and supportive group-based programming as an alternative to unaffordable bail.

Women returning to the community are faced with a host of immediate challenges. They need hygiene products, emergency food resources, toiletries, diapers for their children, toys and games so their children can be active and engaged while at home during this extended period of social distancing.

You can help these women and their families in their start toward long-term stability.

Please click donate to provide critical support to women returning to the community.

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Validated by Valentina from The Women's Project (What does this mean?)

The Women’s Project helps women incarcerated at Rikers Island Prison secure release and offers support as these women reintegrate into home, work and community. From transportation assistance to support connecting to social services, accessing housing, food, training, jobs, healthcare and more, we smooth the transition from incarceration to independence.

About Valentina

I created and direct The Women's Project, an innovative program that marries advocacy and service provision. The Women's Project is an alternative to the pretrial detention that results when women cannot afford to pay their bail. I have been at The Fedcap Group for nearly three years but have been… Read more

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