Antoinette from Chicago, IL

I'm taking GED classes and planning to go to barber school next, but I need barber tools first

I've been practicing haircuts for the homeless community but my tools were stolen from the back of my wheelchair. With new tools I can get my license.


I need barber tools to use for my barber training.

This includes clippers, blades, guards, trimmers, and liners.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to further my education and go back to school for hair cutting. I will be able to practice by performing haircuts for the homeless community too. 

Having these tools is essential for my career because I will be able to use them throughout school and once I get my license.

I survived a brain tumor in 2008. As a result, I am paralyzed in a wheelchair. My higher power has given me stability to keep striving, the continuance of education and to obtain my barber license.

I am in school for my GED and I am going back to school for my barber's license as well. I perform haircuts at homeless day centers in the meantime to give back to the community and to practice my skills. 

Recently I was sitting in a cafe and my hair cutting tools were stolen from the back of my wheelchair.

Practicing helps me maintain my skill level and keeps me motivated and encouraged to strive for success. 

Without the tools I can't practice and utilize my skills and I won't be able to continue barber college without them once it starts up again.

My goal is to become a barber hair stylist.

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Validated by Eleanor from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

I have known Antoinette for 6 months, in our employment training program, The Employment Project. She meets with her career specialist to discuss her career and education goals and meets with me regarding housing and other resources.

I think meeting this need is important because Antoinette needs barber tools not only to continue her studies at barber college, but also for her career. The tools she obtains will last her a very long time and are necessary in order to pursue her goal of becoming a haircutter and stylist. 

This will move Antoinette's life forward by helping her continue on her path to becoming a haircutter. Once she has the tools and her GED, which she is currently working on, she can go back to school and get her certification. She will also be able to practice her haircutting skills while giving free haircuts to homeless individuals at day centers in her community.

Antoinette's passion is evident in every conversation I've had with her. She loves working with people and giving back to the community. She always has a huge smile on her face and is cheerful, despite the adversity that she has faced in her life.

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My job title is Resource Specialist. I have been in this position since August 2012, when I was promoted from Open Case Manager. My work involves assisting individuals in The Employment Project (one of our employment training programs) in finding housing, clothing, medical, dental, and other… Read more