Roya from San Jose, CA

I am a refugee and a mother and my daughter needs a real bed to sleep in

I need a twin-sized bed for my growing 9-year old daughter who currently sleeps in a bed made for a much smaller child. The small bed hurts her back.


I need a twin sized bed for my daughter. This includes frame, box spring, and mattress. We received a donation of a child's bed when we first arrived, but now that my daughter is growing, she is nine now, the small bed is hurting her back. She wakes up with back pain. Because now she does not get a good night's sleep, she wakes up tired and in pain. This will help her to be more ready to learn when she goes to school.

Meeting this need will mean the world to me, to see her wake up happy, and not in pain. I cannot even explain how happy that would be. She never had her own bed before. For us it would be like a dream if we could get her a proper bed. We've tried to decorate her room with small affordable things. We've promised to buy her a bed, but have not been able to do this yet.

When we arrived in US, my daughter was very depressed and had nightmares about dying. She's doing much better now, gradually laughing more and being happier. She didn't used to talk that much, but is talking more now too.

I'm happiest when I'm walking in the streets with my family, not worrying about who's following us. Just walking freely and happily. Let me share with you, that is because I also lived in Syria and Lebanon, in fear of Hezbollah going to kill us. We never had a feeling of security.

I'm a refugee from Iran, and I live in an apartment in San Jose with my husband and daughter. I enjoy experiencing the feeling of safety of living in America, which I did not experience back home or living in other countries. I'm most proud that, regardless of my age, I was able to come to the US and continue to work on getting my CNA license. I used to be a nurse in Iran, and even though CNA is less than that, I am proud that I could do that in a second language and it has empowered me.

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This need has been validated by Jahannaz from Asian Americans for Community Involvement

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Validated by Jahannaz from Asian Americans for Community Involvement (What does this mean?)

We met Roya after a few weeks of their arrival to USA. I think meeting this need is important because It will help them to start new life in the new country.

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My job title is Case Manager. My work involves meeting with refugees and torture survivors from all over the world. What I like about my job is it touches people's lives, with a group of people that are hard to reach.