Steve from San Jose, CA

I’m a refugee from Iraq and a laptop will help my family seek work and take classes

To start our new lives in the U.S., a laptop will help us move forward here and stay connected with family


I need laptop to start my new life, to look for job, use for continuing education for myself and my wife, and to connect with my family back home by Skype.

My current situation is: I am a new refugee arrival, receiving public assistance, and living in temporary housing with other families from different countries. I am homesick, lack financial resources, and am struggling to survive in a new society. I have one young son and my wife with me and they mean world to me.

My goal is to to find employment and provide a good life to my family. My ultimate goal is to better acclimate to new my society, to get to know US culture, and preserve my own culture. My wife wants to be pharmacist and I am planning to be athletic coach.

I'm from Iraq, a refugee new arrival. I live in Catholic Charities transitional housing with other refugees. Something interesting about me is that I played basketball for the US Military team. I'm happiest when I can provide safety for my son. I'm most proud of living in the US with my family and having a bright future.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Mladenka from Asian Americans for Community Involvement

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Validated by Mladenka from Asian Americans for Community Involvement (What does this mean?)

We met when Steve just arrived as new refugee. I met the client and his family in Catholic Charities transitional housing. I think meeting this need is important because it will help Steve and his wife to become self sufficient and be productive in the society.

About Mladenka

My job title is Case worker. My work involves helping clients with basic needs and linking them with available resources. And providing rehabilitation to reduce stress. What I like about my job is helping people to become self sufficient.