Marie from Chicago, IL

I'm a working mother and I need living room furniture so our home feels complete

I just got promoted and got a new apartment. But after I pay rent, utilities, food, & other expenses, I don't have money left for furniture.


I need living room furniture: a couch, some side tables, a coffee table, and a few chairs.

Meeting this need will help me because my family will finally have a home that feels complete. We joke that the living room looks more like a rollerskating rink than a living room. I want my kids to finally feel like they have a home.

My goal is to provide the kind of stability for my children that will enable them to excel in life. A furnished home is a major first step to making them feel like they have a place to stay for good, so they can focus on their education.

My current situation is that I'm a working mother of 4 young children. Within the last year I have secured a job (and been promoted!), and an apartment where me and my kids can finally live together. After I pay for my rent, utilities, food, and any of the other expenses of having 4 young children, I don't have any money left for furniture for my new apartment.

I'm a very determined and focused person and in the last year I have made tremendous progress, not just for me, but for my family. It feels really good to see my hard work turn into success.


* You may have noticed that Marie's "Needed By" date has changed. In the spirit of the holiday season, Benevolent has extended all December dates through the first of the year.

I'm most proud of my professional advancement- I was recently promoted! I'm happiest when I'm accomplishing my personal and professional goals.

I live in with my kids in Chicago. I have 4 kids- a 2 year old (going on 13), a 7 year old, a 10 year old and my oldest is 12. I'm incredibly proud of them!

Something interesting about me is I love to cook at home and at work

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Validated by Julie from The Cara Program (What does this mean?)

We met when she started as a Student at The Cara Program in June of 2012.

I think meeting this need is important because I have watched as she has worked hard (an understatement) to pull her life together. She's still living in an unfurnished apartment, and needs furniture so that her family can finally feel settled so they can tackle other big goals.

Marie has an incredibly rare brand of determination. Soft-spoken but hard-driven, she thrives when she has a lot going on and when she is taking on multiple goals at once.

About Julie

I'm the Manager of Supportive Services at The Cara Program. I started at Cara as an Individual Development Specialist, which is a lot like a job coach, and I now manage the retention team that makes sure our students don't just get the job, but they stay in it for a full year. I fell in love with… Read more