Hannah from Freetown, Sierra Leone

Heading into my final year of school. I need help with exam fees and study guides!

I'm in my final year of school and about to apply for college. With help with fees I'll be able to take the exams I need to get in!


Hannah is deeply grateful for help with exam fees and study guides Feb 22, 2021

Hannah is very thankful for your support. Thanks to your support, her exam fees have been paid and we also purchased the study guides / books that she needs to prepare for her end-of-high-school exams. This will hopefully help her excel in the exams. We appreciate your support.


I lost my father at a young age. My mother is a primary school teacher and not able to cover my school expenses.

My goal is to become a medical doctor and make a living helping others.

I need help with covering the exam fees for my final school year. These funds will also purchase needed books and study guides.

Meeting this need will help me successfully take the exams and get the grades needed for college admission.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Hannah fund this need.

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Need funded!

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Hannah has been a recipient of scholarship funds from Develop Africa in previous years. She is a hard-working and diligent student

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