Fred from San Jose, CA

I am a refugee from Iran and need tools to start an auto mechanic business

I am learning to be an auto mechanic and would like to start a micro-business of on-site car repair, but need tools to get it started.


Thank you from Fred Feb 20, 2014

Fred has sent us this note:

Hello, I received the donation to buy my tool box. This donation helped me to solve my problem. I am so excited that I can have my own tool box now.

I'm very thankful and I hope I will be able to return to the community.

Thank you,


I am taking automotive technician training at CET, and I would like to start a micro-business of on-site car repair, but I need the tools to get it started, including a tool box, wrenches, etc.

I am currently in mechanical school; I am asking for support in seeking tools to help me establish my carrier as a mechanic. By obtaining your generous donation I will be able to work in the field that I am interested in.

Meeting this need will help me to stand on my feet and be a productive person for the society I am living in. My goal is to be a mechanical engineer. I have already enrolled in college to improve my English. 

Once I can get my business started, I will earn enough to work during the day and take more classes at night. My father was a businessman back home, I lost him at an early age, and everything was destroyed after that.

I'm most proud of when I was first in [a different third country], waiting for US refugee status to come here, and I had nothing and no support, but I was able to find a job, stabilize myself, and then help other refugees in the same situation. I never forget when I see some kindness, or some assistance that makes me encouraged. I look forward to returning those services to the community.


* You may have noticed that Fred's "Needed By" date has changed. In the spirit of the holiday season, Benevolent has extended all December dates through the first of the year.

I am new arrival refugee from Iran. I live with a roommate in a rental apartment. I enjoy spending most of my free time in the gym. I'm happiest when its rainy. It gives me very good feeling and brings back happy memories of my home town.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Jahannaz from Asian Americans for Community Involvement

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Validated by Jahannaz from Asian Americans for Community Involvement (What does this mean?)

We met Fred a few months after his arrival. I think meeting this need is important because it will help him to improve his life skills in the new country. It gives him chance to start a normal life.
He is very eager to learn and a responsible person. His goal is to be stable and to be able to pay back to the community and help other refugees.

About Jahannaz

My job title is Case Manager. My work involves meeting with refugees and torture survivors from all over the world. What I like about my job is it touches people's lives, with a group of people that are hard to reach.