Mark from Freetown, Sierra Leone

Recently finished vocational training-- now I need help to set up a tailor's shop.

Ready to become a tailor. I've been trained; I just need help to build a workshop, including a sewing machine and patterns.


I dropped out of school and decided to become a tailor - sewing custom outfits, school uniforms, making alterations, etc. I graduated recently from a vocational training center.

My goal is to open up my own tailoring shop. Starting my own tailoring business is very important to me as it will enable me to earn an income from sewing and become self-sufficient.

I need help with constructing a small shed to open up my own tailoring workshop. With your help, I will also purchase a specialized sewing machine & sewing patterns. With this shop / equipment, I can start sewing for clients and earn a living. Owning my own tailoring shop will mean the world to me and give me the opportunity that I have been seeking.

Meeting this need will help me significantly because I will be able to take care of myself and become self-sufficient. I will no longer be unemployed and dependent on others. I will be productively self-employed.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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Validated by Sylvester from Develop Africa (What does this mean?)

I have known Mark for over 24 years. He is hardworking, ready to learn, and can be trusted. He has successfully completed a tailoring course. He needs our support in setting up his own business. It would be wonderful if we could together make this happen.

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I am the President of Develop Africa. My work involves oversight of the organization and also managing different projects. I enjoy being able to assist people with potential who need a "hand up" out of their predicament or inability. I am passionate about helping to create opportunities that… Read more