Reen from Berwick, ME

With the accessibility tools on a laptop, I can thrive in work and life!

My MacBook Air broke. It was an essential tool for me to access the resources I need, and work as a counselor for others. With help I can replace it.


I am a 55 year old woman who has worked with adults with developmental disabilities in health and human services while also experiencing my own mental illness. I have taken breaks from work to deal with this and in the meantime have developed other health problems including cancer diagnoses.

My goal is to return to working with people with developmental disabilities. I want to focus on wellness in the hopes that I can contribute to being part of something powerful that brings laughter and smiles to those with whom I am working. This helps me to feel better about myself too. I want to continue to help people feel empowered and good about themselves despite their challenges.

I need a MacBook because my 5 year old MacBook Air got damaged and is no longer working efficiently and cannot be repaired, and I am very familiar with the accessibility features of Macs. This is an essential tool for me especially during covid as I am high risk and cannot leave my home. I need to access health portals for telehealth for 14 different providers (including some who are 80 miles away in Boston); also for connecting to Seacoast Pathways, an essential support system; for grocery shopping; for support groups including cancer supports; wellness education programs; and to scan/send documents through email. My husband also has severe medical needs so we frequently need to submit documentation and signatures expediently, and using the mail is inadequate. A refurbished MacBook can cost more than $700, but if this need is funded I can cover the remaining cost with my stimulus check.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to arrange changes that I am unable to do in person, such as new housing in a safe environment. Accessing the communication tools on the MacBook means that I can connect with and see my supportive family and my friends. This helps me battle depression and the isolation I feel due to covid. Because of my low vision, the accessibility tools on the computer mean that I can accommodate my vision disability.

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I have known Reen for two years. She is a bright, intelligent, hardworking person who never gives up despite unforeseen challenges. Her sense of humor is infectious and a great coping skill! Reen contributes greatly to our mental health recovery program by encouraging and inspiring others to engage in activities to help with healing and to make progress. A new laptop will help Reen with her myriad communication needs and keep her connected, but it will also help our program because her involvement and leadership are key to other members' success.

About Ann

I am the Director of Seacoast Pathways, a mental health recovery clubhouse in Portsmouth, NH. My work involves bringing the powerful clubhouse model of recovery to individuals in our community with mental illness who want to get out of isolation, make friends, and find purpose in their lives. … Read more

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