Monica from New York, NY

My children & I need furniture to replace the things lost in a fire a year ago.

Our apartment was destroyed in a fire a year ago. With repairs we've moved back in, but we need furniture and household items to replace what we lost.


My apartment was damaged by a fire on Easter 2020 destroying all of my belongings and the belongings of my 12 year old daughters and 8 year old son. I am seeking help to purchase furniture and house items for myself and 2 children. The apartment was repaired in January 2021 for me to move back in.

My goal is to gradate from college and to continue being a good role model for my kids.

I need help with furniture, household items and clothing for myself, my 12 year old daughter and my 8 year old son.

Meeting this need will help me and my family who was traumatized by the fire, feel stable and get back to a sense of normalcy to function as a family.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by PO Taylor from NYC Department of Probation

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Validated by PO Taylor from NYC Department of Probation (What does this mean?)

Monica is a hardworking person, single mother will 2 children who is badly in need of help with furniture for her kids and other households items. Monica is also a college student. Monica is having financial difficulties and is unable to replace all the necessary items to sustain her family due to the extensive damage caused by the electric fire in her apartment on Easter 2020.

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