Cindy from Detroit, MI

Disabled single mom to 6; I need beds, linens, and furniture for my home.

My husband passed in the pandemic. Without him, I'm fighting to keep my family stable; with beds we will have more of a home to live in.


I am a single mother of 6 children. My focus is being a great parent to my children. We lost everything when my husband died of Corona virus; he had been our provider.

My goals are to build a stable home for my children so they do not enter the foster system. I’m unable to work due to my disability. Furniture will help me keep my children by my side.

I need beds and linens for my children, and furniture for the house. We are living with very little and sleeping on the floor; with furniture our home will become liveable again.

Meeting this need will help our family significantly. My children wll be able to sleep in their own beds.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Paula from Black Family Development

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Validated by Paula from Black Family Development (What does this mean?)

I support the family as a case manager and help Cindy and her children with their mental health. Cindy is very supportive to her children. I would like to know her kids have a beds to sleep in at night.

About Paula

I am a Case Manager at Black Family Develompent. I am responsible for linking clients with resources in the community through the Promise Neighborhoods Program. Promise Neighborhoods' vision is ensure that all children in the Detroit Clark Park/Osborn Neighborhoods have access to excellent… Read more