Leo from Santa Ana, CA

I'm trained in construction. Now I need transportation to take advantage of an apprenticeship

I just finished a Construction Training Program. Now I need help buying a dependable, used vehicle to get to work so I can take an AGC apprenticeship.


Great news from Taller San Jose! Jan 20, 2014

David writes:

I am very happy to announce that Leo has met his need. Leo recently purchased his vehicle and is able to get around with reliable transportation! This is huge! Thank you to all those who helped contribute to this and thank you to Leo for being such a hard-working young man.

Thank you from Leo Jan 3, 2014

I just want to take the time to thank all my anonymous sponsors who were kindly enough to fund my need. If I had the chance to meet and thank every single one of you who supported me in my need, I would take the time to thank you for your support. Thankfully I was able to raise the money for a down payment of a used car which I now own, and I was able to join A.G.C.

Now I am working as a carpenter apprentice with a construction company A.G.C. helped me get a job with. I am working with West Coast Air and we are remodeling a school in Los Alamitos, CA. I will also be enrolling into my community college to start taking my General Ed classes here in S.A.C. I am very thankful and pleased that I am now getting closer to completing my career as an Architect.

Now that my need is met I can use this money for the payment of my car which has been taking me to and from work and will help me get to college classes on time. Thank You to my donors who helped me get started in my career and on my feet. If it wasn't for Taller San Jose, A.G.C., and the Benevolent team for the support, I would still be working in a minimum paying job with no plans in life.

Again, Thank You so much for the support.



I just finished a 16 week Construction Training Program through Taller San Jose. Now I need help towards getting a down payment for a dependable, used vehicle to help me get to work.

I have my valid drivers license. However, I don't have a car. I have the experience and the skills, now I just need transportation to help me land a good reliable job in the construction industry.

Meeting this need will help me because I will have a reliable way to get to work. And also I can start my career. My goal is to become employed with A.G.C., work as an apprentice for two years, go to college at the same time, and transfer to Cal Poly Pomona to go get my Masters in Architecture.

I have been sober for eight months now, I got out of poverty, I spent a year being homeless. I'm working on myself to better my life and be able to provide for my daughters. Now I'm working towards getting full-time dependable and reliable work in the construction industry.

I'm from Santa Ana, CA, where I live now. I'm happiest when I accomplish goals and get good feedback from family and friends. I'm most proud of completing Taller San Jose's Construction Training Program.

I have two beautiful daughters that I unfortunately don't get to see but I'm working on myself to one day have some custody of them and be involved in their lives as a parent, so I can be able to provide for them. They are my motivation in life.

I rent a room at the moment, and live by myself. I don't have family in the U.S. My family is in Mexico and I have been on my own ever since I was 16 when my biological father kicked me out of his house. I am thankful he kicked me out. I learned values of life and I am very independent now. I can hold my own weight after the past years of struggle.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Leo fund this need.

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Need funded!

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Validated by David from Taller San Jose (What does this mean?)

We met when Leo first attended a relationship workshop at Taller San Jose roughly three years ago. Leo attended the workshop with another graduate from our program and eventually enrolled himself. I had the privilege of working with Leo as a trainee from June 2013 to current.

I think meeting this need is important because Leo has worked extremely hard to get to where he is at. He is only a car away from being that much closer to self-sufficiency. Leo is one of the hardest-workers I have seen in our training program and the only thing keeping him from landing a stable job is transportation.

Leo does not have a lot of support. However, the support that Leo does have, he's been utilizing it to better his own cause, such as completing Taller San Jose's job training program. Leo works hard, helped others in his class, and was recognized as the top performer in his class, earning the "St. Joseph Award." This award was voted on by his classmates and instructor. Leo deserves some additional help and has worked extremely hard for it.

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