Brenda from San Diego, CA

I'm seeking asylum in the US. With funds I can avoid debt due to attorney fees.

I'm a full-time student but I need to have representation for my case. These funds will keep me out of debt!


I am from Africa, I am 46 years old and I came to the US in 2013. I flew here because I was persecuted for my identity in my home country and it was no longer a safe place for me to live.

My goal is to win my asylum case in the US so that I can make this my permanent home and bring my children here to live with me. My asylum case hearing was recently postponed from November 2021 to early 2022, which means I need to keep working with my attorney for a few more months.

Right now I need financial assistance to help pay for my legal fees. As a full-time student, who also works full-time, I do not make enough to keep up with the legal fees for my immigration attorney, yet having this representation is the only way for me to make it here in the US.

Meeting this need will help me move forward because it will keep me out of debt, allow me to continue working with my attorney until I am granted asylum and take a huge load of stress off of my back.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Hannah from Survivors of Torture, International

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Validated by Hannah from Survivors of Torture, International (What does this mean?)

I have been working with Brenda for the past few months as her clinical case manager, assisting her with accessing resources for school and providing emotional support throughout her prolonged asylum trial. Waiting for an asylum hearing is an agonizing process and Brenda has had to wait almost 9 years. In that time, she has obtained work authorization, begun working, continued to earn a living wage and even started college. Without any access to financial aid programs, Brenda has remained employed and figured out how to make her educational goals happen. Recently, Brenda's hearing was postponed another five months due to lags in the US immigration system, which means additional attorney fees and more stress. Brenda has always been extremely determined, hard-working and committed to her goals. It would be a blessing for her to get some financial help.

About Hannah

I am a social worker and advocate for survivors of torture in San Diego, CA. My background is in refugee resettlement, women's/girl's initiatives and youth development. My objective is to help New Americans live equitable lives.