Grace from Tarakanithy County, Kenya

Help me earn money to feed my child!

I need $300 to buy fibers from the Kenyan sisal plant to make baskets.


I am a 25-year-old fistula survivor and mother of one. I developed a fistula during childbirth and have been living with awful symptoms of leaking urine for around 7 years. Even after 5 surgeries, although I am a little better, I still experience symptoms. I recently took a workshop where I learned how to hand-make baskets from the Kenyan Sisal plant.

My goals are to start making and selling baskets to earn an income and help support my family. Although I am still leaking and cannot do much to help my family, this is one thing that I can contribute to raising my child.

I need $300 to buy fibers from the Kenyan sisal plant to make baskets.

Meeting this need will help me be able to contribute to my family’s finances and feed my child.

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Validated by Debra from Beyond Fistula (What does this mean?)

Grace is a strong, vibrant young woman who is determined to support her family. She is a fistula survivor who has been suffering from symptoms for the past seven years. Despite five surgeries to help repair the fistula, she continues to have symptoms of leaking urine, which is extremely difficult to live with. Grace's condition limits her options for earning money for her family, but after completing the basket-making workshop, she is ready to begin supporting her family. I have full confidence in Grace to help feed and clothe her family once she starts making and selling her baskets.

About Debra

I am the co-founder and Executive Director of Beyond Fistula. I founded the nonprofit in 2012 after seeing how much these young Kenyan women needed help rebuilding their lives after recovering from a childbirth injury known as obstetric fistula. I am endlessly motivated by their hope and tenacity… Read more