Urijah from Freetown, Sierra Leone

Help me pay for school fees so I can become an electrical engineer!

I need financial help paying for tuition and school fees to learn electrical engineering.


I'm a hard-working student at the Reaps Vocational Institute. I'm from an impoverished family that can't help me with school expenses. I'm currently living with my family, about five miles from school.

I want to finish school and get a job as an electrical engineer. With good education and job, I can earn my way out of poverty. Then, I can help my family.

I need financial help paying for tuition and school fees. Since I live far from school, I need help with transportation to and from school. I also need tools to learn electrical engineering and use when I am able to get a job after school.

This help will get me through school and give me the tools I need for a bright future. It will also help me to pull my family out of poverty as well.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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Validated by Sylvester from Develop Africa (What does this mean?)

Urijah is a beneficiary of Develop Africa; he has received educational support from Develop Africa for several years. He is finally getting closer to completing his education. It would be wonderful if we could help him finish up and get the needed tools.

About Sylvester

I am the President of Develop Africa. My work involves oversight of the organization and also managing different projects. I enjoy being able to assist people with potential who need a "hand up" out of their predicament or inability. I am passionate about helping to create opportunities that… Read more