Rodney from Detroit, MI

I'm enrolling in college! I need a table, chair, and couch to study & get rest

I am disabled and want to go back to school. I need a table and chair to sit at to do assignments and a couch to sit and sleep on when needed.


Thank You from Charnita - Validator Jan 14, 2014

I am writing to say thank you to the supporters who helped Rodney meet his need for furniture. We are both very grateful and this will allow Rodney to continue to pursue his goals to become a college student and a very bright future. This is an amazing charity!


I'm from Detroit and I'm happiest when I am helping someone and making a difference. I'm most proud of my new outlook on life. Something interesting about me is I like electronics and modern communication.

My goal is to attend community college and take classes, but first, I am in dire need of furniture.

My current situation is I live in a one bedroom apartment in a housing program. I have an air mattress and a few pots and pans and I need a small dining set and a sofa. I've lived a hard life but am slowing getting back on my feet. Changing my attitude and outlook on life was the first step. Finding a place to live was the second and now I want to go back to school. I am applying for college and am firm in my resolve to contribute to society. I hope someone can understand these honest words.

Meeting this need will help me because I have plans on going back to school. A table to do my work on would really help me out. Currently I'm sleeping on an air mattress and it is very hard on my body. With a couch I will have the option to sleep on it.

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Thank you for helping Rodney fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Charnita from Coalition On Temporary Shelter

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Validated by Charnita from Coalition On Temporary Shelter (What does this mean?)

I met Rodney in May 2013 when he entered into the Shelter Plus Care Program at COTS.  I think meeting this need is important because Rodney is a goal oriented person.  He is physically disabled and would like to return to school.  I believe this will help him healthwise because it will provide him with a greater purpose to get up and go.  Since he is so goal oriented, him setting this goal to go back to school is right up his alley.  Being able to come home to furniture to rest on and eat on after a long day at school would be nice for him to have.

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