Richard from Chicago, IL

I'm supporting my grandma on a minimum wage job. I need textbooks to further my career

I need two textbooks for a class towards my associates' degree in paralegal studies. I want to make a career change & improve my living situation.


Richard sends his gratitude: Dec 12, 2013

Thank you to all the Benevolent supporters and donors! I feel completely ready for my first semester and it is all thanks to you.

Richard got his paralegal textbooks! Dec 12, 2013


My goal is to complete my associates' degree in Paralegal Studies and make a career change into that field.  I need funding to get text books when I return to school. This includes money for two textbooks that go towards my associate degree in paralegal studies that I'll be starting online in November.

Meeting this need will help me because right now I work in retail just above minimum wage. I am returning to school for paralegal studies because I want to improve my situation and my grandmother's in a field I have a lot of interest in.

My current situation is that I've been able to save up $200 towards textbooks on my own.  I live with my grandmother and have to take up a lot of the support for bills and other things we need.  It would be great if I could get some assistance to make sure that I am completely ready for the semester. 

I'm from Chicago - born and raised.  I live on the south side in Chatham.  Something interesting about me is I love food and am a great cook.  I'm happiest when I am around my friends.  I'm most proud of being back to work and getting back in school.

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Validated by Lauren from The Cara Program (What does this mean?)

We met when Richard enrolled in The Cara Program in June of 2012. He was hired on by a local retailer in November of last year, and is about to celebrate a year at his job! Now he is ready for his next big step: he has been working with our advancement specialist to get back in school and begins in November 2013, working towards completing an associate degree in Paralegal Studies. Full time work in this field will likely quadruple Richard's current annual income.

I think meeting this need is important because everyone deserves a pull of the ladder; Richard is a hard worker and diligently follows through on every goal set before him. I'm excited to see what is possible for him when he enters a career track that he is more interested in.

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