Lateef from Oakland, CA

I’m newly arrived in the U.S., and need equipment to pursue my photography career

My goal is to be a professional photographer, but studios require you to have your own equipment. This will give me more opportunities.


Thank you from Lateef Jan 15, 2014

We have received this note from Lateef:

I am beyond overwhelmed, surprised and happy! At last I will have my equipment that I really needed.

This could not have happened at a better time. I just got an assignment and having my equipment will help me complete that.

Thanks a lot to everyone who helped support me! All nine of you have helped me make my professional dream come true. Thank you so much!

... and this note from Doug at the IRC:

We could not believe the overwhelming amount of support Lateef received! We are so excited and appreciative of all of your donations. Lateef has already landed a job in photography, but now he can take his skills to the next level with his own equipment.

Thank you all for your generosity and for making a life changing difference in his life.


My goal is to be a professional photographer. Meeting this need will help me be a better photographer and get more clients. Some studios require a photographer to have their own equipment, having this means I will have more opportunities to pursue work.

I need studio equipment to continue with my passion - and career - of photography. This includes three strobe light flashes and a set of two Softbox lighting kit and a carrying case.

My current situation is I am new to the country and have been in the U.S. for two months. I am establishing my career as a photographer and need this equipment to jump start my career and find potential work in a photography studio.

Meeting this need will help me towards my life's goal of pursuing a full-on career in photography. I absolutely love what began as a hobby for me many years ago, and feel if I had the necessary equipment, I can establish myself as a professional photographer. The quality of my photos would be better and wish to one day display my art in local studios.

Photography mean so much to me. It is like freedom and it is my whole world. I like to think through photos you introduce the world to people.

I'm from Iraq, but have recently moved to California. I live in Oakland. Something interesting about me is I am a photographer. I'm happiest when I am taking beautiful pictures of beautiful things. I'm most proud of working and my photos. I am a hard worker. I pride myself on being a positive person and finding the best in others.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Lateef fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Doug from International Rescue Committee (Nor-Cal, Oakland)

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Validated by Doug from International Rescue Committee (Nor-Cal, Oakland) (What does this mean?)

We met when he arrived to our office two months ago. I see Lateef weekly as he attends our job readiness classes and we discuss his outlook for employment.

I think meeting this need is important because since meeting Lateef he has always expressed his interest in photography. This is more than a hobby to him. He likes to capture a story with his art and has showed many of us in the office his pieces and we can all see the passion he has for what he does.

All around him, especially in the downtown Oakland area, he is surrounded by the booming art scene and has began to make connections with local artist and the only thing preventing him for establishing himself as a professional is the lack of equipment.

Lateef sticks to his goals, and has been a joy to work with these few months. We know he will be beyond thrilled and appreciative if this need is met.

About Doug

My job title is Employment Supervisor at the International Rescue Committee. I oversee the employment department at the international rescue committee. What the Employment Program does is provide vocational counseling, resume preparation, jobs class, job search and placement services, and financial… Read more

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