Bertha from East SF Bay, CA

I'm a mother of four, and the two youngest need their own beds to sleep in.

My two youngest childen and I all share one old mattress. We need new beds and dressers for children’s basic needs.


I need beds and dressers for my children and I. This includes a bunk bed for my kids, a bed for my self, and two dressers.

Meeting this need will help me because it will help me be able to give my children and myself a good night's sleep. Also it would be safer for my children to be in their own bed. My little girl won't have to be fighting for her spot on the bed.

My goal is to be able to control my back pain and get back to work to provide my children with the basic needs.

My current situation is I have a herniated disk and I am unable to work like I was doing before. Due to my back pain, it is painful for me to sleep on the old mattress I have been using, and because my children have no bed for themselves we all share the same mattress to sleep.

I am trying to get a bed for the kids because I want them to feel comfortable at night when I tuck them in to sleep.

I will not give up! I have been going to numerous doctor appointments and getting medications to help see if I can control the pain. Once I have beaten that, I will be able to work and get my children what they deserve and need.

I'm from Mexico and I live with three of my four children. Something interesting about me is that I have had various types of jobs. I'm happiest when I spend time with my children on walks or going to the park. I'm most proud of my children when they hit their milestones in life!

I have 4 children 2 boys and 2 girls. They are my reason of living. My oldest daughter is in middle school in Mexico. My eldest son is in second grade. My little girl is finally ready for preschool and my baby just started walking 2 months ago.

I am a very hard worker and am very devoted to my children. I will do anything and everything for them.

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This need has been validated by Kristal from Davis Street Family Resource Center

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Validated by Kristal from Davis Street Family Resource Center (What does this mean?)

We met when her oldest son was in one of our preschool centers and I worked for the First 5 program in our agency.

I think meeting this need is important because Bertha is not able to afford a big cost, like beds for her and the kids. She's a single mom and her jobs have been many but at low wages. Now with her back problems, it is harder for her to be able to get those needs met.

I think being able to provide that simple need like a bed will help her with her every day activities.

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My job title is Family Advocate. My work involves working with families and individuals to help them help themselves. I offer them service information and basic needs services such as emergency food and clothing, medical information, and child care information. What I like about my job is Helping… Read more

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