Michael from Berkeley, CA

I am disabled and my income barely covers rent. I need money for bus pass & clothes

My disability income only pays rent, medicine co-pays, and some food. I need a bus pass and some clean clothing to get out to my medical appointments.


My current situation is that I am on a monthly fixed income from Social Security. After paying for my rent - that is about 90% of my income - I have little or nothing to spend for my necessities. I need money for the bus to get to the doctors, free meals, and to obtain other free services that I need to survive.

My goal is to be able to maintain housing and my health. Meeting this goal will help me to get to my important doctor appointments and to continue to go to locations to seek for any assistance that I need. it will help me to get some new clothing have some money for my necessities. I need assistance with transportation, including a monthly discount bus sticker to cover my fares, and clothing. Meeting this need will help me because I will not need to set aside money left over after rent is paid for my transportation. I can use the available funds to buy some food to eat other than the free meals, pay for laundry and laundry detergents, medicine co-pays, vitamins, clothing, shoes, and other activities

I often use the extra funding I have to pay for transportation, and then I am left with no money to buy food, clothing, medicine, or to do any leisure activities. I am currently working with many agencies to help with any financial assistance. Any services will be greatly appreciated.

I'm from Corona, CA, and I live in Oakland, CA. Something interesting about me is that I love classical music. I'm happiest when when I am not alone. I'm most proud of myself for being able to face all the challenges that I have had to deal with. I am an a very resilient individual. Although I was homeless with a severe health condition, I manage to seek services to find and maintain permanent housing assistance.

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This need has been validated by Feuy from Berkeley Food and Housing Project

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Validated by Feuy from Berkeley Food and Housing Project (What does this mean?)

We met when he became a client of the representative Payee Program. I think meeting this need is important because my client is really in need of financial assistance. He is literally spending 90% percent of his income on rent and is not able to find an affordable place in order to maintain housing. I am trying to find ways that can help him to reduce some of his necessity expenses. He does not have any money left for anything after paying his rent and for his transportation. He has shared that he does not get to go out to eat any meals he likes, buy new clothing, or to even have funds to wash his clothing. Getting this need meet will allow him to get a meal he likes at least once a month and money to buy detergent to do laundry. Michael has come a long way. He has fought through his medical condition and is trying to maintain housing. He has given up many of things to become stably housed. He has no other support. With this need met, he will be able to take the public transportation to get around rather than isolating himself and being lonely and depressed.

About Feuy

My job title is Case Manager II. My work involves assisting my clients of learning how to manage their money received from Social Security. I help with keeping clients to remain stably housed and make sure they have all the resources that may need to become more self sufficient. What I like about… Read more