Monica from East SF Bay, CA

We are refugees and need furniture to make our new apartment feel like a home for our children

We had to flee Honduras leaving loved ones behind to save our family. Beds for our children and a dining room table will help us make this our home.


I need furniture to make my apartment feel like home for my children. This includes beds for my children, husband and I, and, if possible a dining room table as well.

Meeting this need will help me because we will finally get the hope we have been searching for. We will finally get the opportunity to give our children an actual home they are comfortable with and be given the opportunity to enjoy their childhood. We will also be given the opportunity to show our children that no matter how tough times get, as long as we are united, things will always work out.

My current situation is that my family had to flee our country. My biggest concern is my daughter. She was just three years old when our life took a 360 degree turn and had to leave our loved ones to ensure our family's survival. She has suffered so much at such a young age. Despite the drastic change of lifestyle, we finally got our own apartment, where we were able to welcome our newborn son.

My goal is to give my children a stable home. My daughter is already living with the need to help us figure out how we will get food if our fridge is empty. Once this goal is met, she will no longer have to worry about that. My husband and I will then be able to focus on giving our children all that we can to survive and not worry them.

After having had a gun pointed at my head and survived that, I feel like I was reborn. I was given a second opportunity in life. Every time I feel like the world has come down on me, I look at my children and they give me all the strength I need to move forward. It is because of them that I ask for you to help us. They mean the world to me and would love to give them the best possible life I can give them.

I'm from Honduras, and now live in Antioch, CA, with my family. Something interesting about me is that I know how to play the piano. I'm happiest when I am with my children. I'm most proud of my daughter. She is amazing and gives me all of the strength to move forward.

I have a daughter and a son. We are a very united family. My husband has gone above and beyond to provide for our family and is an amazing father to our children. My daughter is very lovable with a lot of imagination and dreams to become a ballerina. My son is the light of my eyes, the last piece of the puzzle for our family to feel complete.

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This need has been validated by Andrea from Michael Chavez Center & Monument Community Partnership

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Validated by Andrea from Michael Chavez Center & Monument Community Partnership (What does this mean?)

We met about a month ago when Monica was referred to our organization to gain various resources. Since meeting her, I've seen the love she has for her family and the wanting to move forward and learn in this new country.

I think meeting this need is important because it will make her house feel like home. The children will be in an environment where they can learn, grow, and be comfortable with who they are. Meeting this need will also help Monica and her husband have a piece of mind and will then be able to continue to move forward.

Monica and her husband had to unexpectedly leave their native country. They are now working and living in country completely different from theirs and looking to make their lives better mainly for their two children. Their children are their world and want to give them the best they can to be healthy human beings inside and out. They are both hardworking people and humbling to any help they can receive. Any help will give them hope in the middle of the struggles they are going through.

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