April from East SF Bay, CA

I’m a mother in of need warm clothing for my new job so I can take care of my three children

After getting out of a bad relationship, I’m raising my children on my own. I got work, but need warm clothing to stay well.


Thank you from Davis Street Family Resource Center Feb 10, 2014

We'd like to share this note from Sandy, at Davis Street Family Resource Center:

This is wonderful news. April is a single parent who is working in order to support her children. With these cold nights, she is in really need of warm clothing for work! Thank you for the funding.


I need clothing for my new job. This includes thermals, jackets, boots, lunch box and water container. Meeting this need will help me because i will be able to be comfortable when I work. I work in the cleaning field, and it can get cold in some of the buildings I clean.

Since i have three children, I always provide the essentials for them over me and this is a need I just cannot afford.

My current situation is I just got out of a bad relationship and am now raising my children on my own. I receive little help from the father and it is hard for me to get the essential items that I need to progress in my life. After a year of looking, I finally found a job. Things are getting a little better day by day.

My goal is to keep working to support my children. Without these items, it's harder for me to work and also to stay healthy. If an area gets too cold for me, I can get sick, miss work, and then not have what I need for my children.

I'm from San Francisco and raised in Oakland. I live with my three children who are 9, 8, and my youngest is 3. Something interesting about me is that I can swim in the ocean. I'm happiest when it's summer time ,to go swimming and have a picnic with my kids. I'm most proud of raising my three children.

I have three children: two girls and a boy. My older girls are in the 4th and 3rd grade. My baby boy is now in preschool. I am very grateful for my life and my children.

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This need has been validated by Sandy from Davis Street Family Resource Center

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Validated by Sandy from Davis Street Family Resource Center (What does this mean?)

We met when April requested for child care services. She applied for subsidized care back in July.

I think meeting this need is important because April just got a new job and since she is a single parent it will be hard for her to lose this job because she does not have adequate clothing.

She is a hard working parent and I have seen her grow within the past year. I would hate for her progress to take a step back because of a need she can't afford now.

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My job title is Case Specialist. My work involves assisting parents with their subsidized child care services. I also enroll parents who are qualified for care and handle their cases as long as they are in the program. What I like about my job is helping families and making sure the children are… Read more