Fattma from Oakland, CA

I am a widow & new immigrant with four children. We need a laptop & cellphone to communicate & study

We now all share one phone, but there are times we are apart and need to communicate. The computer is for my children’s studies.


Thank you from Fattma Feb 28, 2014

Fattma has sent us this note of gratitude:

I am very, very happy and I thank you all for your help! Now I can buy laptop and phone for my family. We really need a phone now, my home phone is currently not working and this will help us. I am so happy, I have yet to tell my kids and want to surprise them once I purchase my needs.


I need a Laptop and Cell Phone. Meeting this need will help me because right now I am unable to afford both things and my children will begin the process of enrolling in school and having various appointments where we all will not be together. So, for safety and peace of mind, I would like to be able to communicate with them if needed.

The computer is all for my kids! They can stay in contact with friends and family, complete any typed homework assignments and access certain Word programs that will help them adapt to American learning. I would also like to practice my English with a software on the computer so that I will have a better chance at gaining employment.

My current situation is that I am new to the United States, arrived just about a month ago from Afghanistan. My children and I are in a new environment and would like to have some things at home, like a laptop that we can use to help translate things for us.

A phone is also important because during this transition we have appointments that we have to attend separately. We now share one phone, but I would like for my family to have one more phone so we can keep in contact with one another when I am either running errands or when they are at school. A computer will also help with any school assignments they have.

My goal is to become employed and provide for my family as much as I can. At this point I would like to work in a restaurant, since I love cooking. I will continue to attend job readiness classes and ESL at the IRC to help prepare me for this work environment, but that will take some time. I will be so happy if my kids and myself could have these needs met. Thank you!

I'm from Afghanistan and I live the Bay Area. Something interesting about me is that I love to cook for my family. I'm happiest when my children study well and pursue their dreams. I'm most proud of coming to America with my children. I enjoy cooking for my family, especially Afghan food!

I have four children ranging in the ages 13, 15, 17, and 19. I have been widowed now five years and have tried the many steps to make a better life for my children. My kids are very strong and it makes me proud that they have been able to pull together and continue with their studies during some hard times. They bring me joy and always find ways to make me laugh.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Samantha from International Rescue Committee (Nor-Cal, Oakland)

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Validated by Samantha from International Rescue Committee (Nor-Cal, Oakland) (What does this mean?)

We met when Fattma arrived at our Oakland office about four weeks ago with her four children from Afghanistan. I think meeting this need is important because Fattma is at a transitional stage not only for herself but for her children as well.

I imagine this time being a bit more difficult since she is widowed and she has to be the strong one during this life changing move for her family. I believe having a second phone would be amazing for the family. There will definitely be times where they are not together and it will important that they maintain some sort of contact.

A laptop would be a great addition to their home. The kids will have something to do work on and also have a fun outlet. Having these needs met will help the family through their new life with some ease. These are practical necessities that most people need to pursue employment and education.

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